Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground)


The Velvet Underground’s second single ‘Sunday Morning’ was released in the US during this month. They were aiming to have a hit with this record in advance of the release of their debut album, but it failed to chart despite improved production levels for this track. It is a rather lovely song, supposedly about paranoia but the effect is to conjure up a dreamy Sunday morning feeling, especially with the prominent use of the very pretty sound of the celesta.

It had been intended to have the dreadful Nico on lead vocals with her threatening drone again, but thankfully Lou Reed took over singing duties during recording. This is one of the great non-hits of the year.

B-side: 'Femme Fatale'
Recorded: November 1966, Mayfair Recording Studios, Manhattan
Released: December 1966 (single), March 1967 (album)
Length: 2:56
Label: Verve
Writers: Lou Reed, John Cale
Producer: Tom Wilson

Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground)