My Mind’s Eye (The Small Faces)

14 DECEMBER 1966

The Small Faces’ slightly hippy single ‘My Mind’s Eye’ was at its peak British chart position of #4 during this week in 1966. It was a good way to end what had been a very good year for the band (four Top Ten hits), even if they weren't too happy about this one. Their notorious manager Don Arden wanted them to release a single before Christmas and he put this unfinished demo copy of an intended album track out without their knowledge or consent while they were away on tour. Despite its success, it spelled the end for his relationship with the Small Faces.

Steve Marriott later admitted that the melodic similarities between parts of 'My Mind's Eye' and the Christmas song 'Gloria in Excelsis Deo' were not entirely accidental.

B-side: 'I Can't Dance with You'
Recorded: 1966
Released: 11 November 1966
Highest chart position: #4 (UK)
Length: 2:04
Label: Decca (US RCA Victor)

My Mind’s Eye (The Small Faces)