She Comes in Colours (Love)


The Los Angeles band Love released their second album ‘De Capo’ during this month. It displayed a marked musical evolution from their self-titled garage-folk-rock album that had come out seven months earlier. It was also a definite stylistic step towards their classic ‘Forever Changes’ album which was released 12 months later, with more intricate rhythms and baroque arrangements. This song 'She Comes in Colours' is a prime example of that shifting style. It was released as a single but failed to chart.

The video shown here cuts between shots of Love singer and songwriter Arthur Lee strolling around town, and shots of a topless woman. They don’t make videos like this anymore.

B-side: 'Orange Skies'
Released: December 1966 
Recorded: 1966 at RCA Studios 
Length: 2:43 
Label: Elektra
Writer: Arthur Lee
Producers: Paul A. Rothchild

She Comes in Colours (Love)