Mr Farmer (The Seeds)

23 OCTOBER 1966

The Seeds’ second album ‘Web of Sound’ was released during this month. Although the album was somewhat influential in later years, it failed to chart.

The first song on the A-side, ‘Mr Farmer’, was released as a single and reached #86 on the Billboard Hot 100 despite being banned by many radio stations for its drug references. It’s not very explicit, but this song is seen as something of a tribute to marijuana growers. It has a great little keyboard riff running through it, accompanied by Sky Saxon's 'acquired taste' vocals.

B-side: 'Up in Her Room'
Released: February 1967 
Recorded: 1966 
Highest chart position: #86 (US)
Length: 2:58 (album version), 2:35 (single version) 
Label: GNP Crescendo
Writer: Sky Saxon
Producer: Marcus Tybalt

Mr Farmer (The Seeds)