Ever Lovin’ Man (The Loved Ones)

26 OCTOBER 1966

The Loved Ones’ second single ‘Ever Lovin’ Man’ peaked at #7 on the Go-Set Australian charts during this week in 1966. The song featured the distinctive off-beat lead vocals of London-born Gerry Humphrys and the kind of dexterous composition to be expected from a band that started out (pre-Beatles) as a Trad-Jazz group. It does have a rather enjoyable charm.

Although now considered to be a classic Australian band, their next four singles did not chart quite as highly as this on the local charts, they never cracked the international market, and split up by the end of 1967.

B-side: 'More Than Love'
Released: July 1966
Highest chart position: #7 (Aus)
Length: 2:10
Label: In IN-S-8007
Writers: Lynch, Lovett, Anderson, Humphrys, Clyne

Ever Lovin’ Man (The Loved Ones)