Spicks and Specks (The Bee Gees)


The Bee Gees released their album ‘Spicks and Specks' in their adopted homeland of Australia (they were originally from Manchester) on this day. The single of the same title went to #1 there, prompting it to be released internationally in early 1967 and kicking off their amazing career. They were actually quite a brilliant pop band and songwriters in the 1960s. long before their disco days, and released a successful series of mid-tempo classics.

The above video features the standard but dated 'larking about being zany' style that most bands of the time adopted for these things.

B-side: 'I Am the World'
Released: September 1966 (Australia), February 1967 (United Kingdom)
Highest chart position: #1 (Aus), #2 (Netherlands)
Recorded: St. Clair Studio, Hurstville, near Sydney, July 1966
Length: 2:52
Label: Spin (Australia), Polydor
Writer: Barry Gibb
Producer: Nat Kipner

Spicks and Specks (The Bee Gees)