Pretty Flamingo (Everly Brothers)

5 JULY 1966

The Everly Brothers’ album ‘Two Yanks in England’ was released during this month. The Everly’s hadn’t had a big hit since 1962, but clearly thought that an Anglocentric album, recorded in London, would sell.

The album featured eight songs written by ‘L. Ransford’, which was the joint songwriting pseudonym for three of the guys from the Hollies (Clarke, Nash and Hicks), who were also in the studio backing band for the recordings. Jimmy Page and a young Elton John are also said to have played on these sessions.

The album also featured covers of two songs that had already been #1 hits for British artists in 1966 - ‘Somebody Help Me’ from the Spencer Davis Group, and Manfred Mann’s ‘Pretty Flamingo’. Unfortunately the album and the singles taken from it failed to chart. Still, it does provide a good example of how some of the bigger stars of the 1950s were faring by the mid-‘60s.

Pretty Flamingo (Everly Brothers)