Little Girl (Syndicate of Sound)

17 JULY 1966

Another high-flying Garage Rock record for 1966 was 'Little Girl' by the Syndicate of Sound, which reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June of that year. Although the band are often described as forerunners of psychedelic rock, this song is straight R&B with jangly guitars, like a cross between Stax and a track from the first album by Love.

The follow-up single from this San Jose band was ('Rumors'), which went to #55 in the US and that was just about it for them, apart from a #73 in 1970.

B-side: 'You'
Recorded: 9 January 1966
Released: 1966
Highest chart position: #8 (US)
Label: Hush Records, Bell Records
Writers: Don Baskin, Bob Gonzalez
Producer: Garrie Thompson