Dirty Water (Standells)

12 JULY 1966

'Dirty Water' by Los Angeles garage band the Standells peaked at #11 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in June 1966. Its success was slow in coming, as the single had been released six months earlier.

The song was one of numerous US chart hits by garage bands during 1966, which was described by Rolling Stone magazine as 'Garage Rock's Greatest Year'.

The song is a mock tribute to the city of Boston, which back then had a famously-polluted harbour and river. There was even a quick mention of the Boston Strangler ('have you heard about the Strangler? I'm the man I'm the man.') 

B-side: 'Rari'
Released: November 1965
Recorded: 5 March 1965 at Universal Recorders, Hollywood
Highest chart position: #11 (US)
Length: 2:48
Label: Tower
Writer: Ed Cobb
Producer: Ed Cobb

Dirty Water (Standells)