Bus Stop (Hollies)

20 JULY 1966

The Hollies’ ‘Bus Stop’ was at its peak position of #5 on the UK charts. It also reached #5 on the US Billboard chart, being their first big hit in that country. And rightly so, because this is one of the very best singles they ever produced, with an inventive rhythm and lyrics, and of course featuring the groups brilliant harmonies.

This was the first single to feature Bernie Calvert on bass. He hadn't quite been made a permanent member of the band at the time, but he replaced previous bassist Eric Haydock who had recently quit the band but still featured on the record covers for this single.

This song was written by future 10CC member Graham Gouldman, whose considerable talent produced several other hit singles around this time, including 'For Your Love' and 'Heart Full of Soul' for the Yardbirds, 'Listen People', 'No Milk Today' and 'East West' for Herman's Hermits, and 'Look Through Any Window' for the Hollies.

B-side: 'Don't Run and Hide'
Released: 17 June 1966
Recorded: 18 May 1966, Abbey Road Studios
Highest chart position: #5 (UK and US)
Length: 2:51
Label: Parlophone
Producer: Ron Richards

Bus Stop (Hollies)