Paperback Writer (Beatles)

23 JUNE 1966

The Beatles topped the UK charts for the 10th time with the fuzz-bass-driven ‘Paperback Writer’, which stayed at #1 for two weeks. It was also #1 in a lot of other countries, including the US.

I can't link the single version here, but this clip is the first take for the song and highlights the riff sounding quite Hendrix-like. Now getting quite experimental with their sounds, Lennon wanted the bass sound pushed to the front of the recording. The lyrics were also different from McCartney's usual fare as he made an effort to write a song that was not about love.

B-side: 'Rain'
Released: 30 May 1966 (US), 10 June 1966 (UK)
Recorded: 13-14 April 1966, EMI Studios, London
Highest chart position: #1 (UK and US)
Length: 2:18 (stereo version), 2:26 (mono single version)
Label: Parlophone R5452 (UK), Capitol 5651 (US)
Producer: George Martin

Paperback Writer (Beatles)