Vietnam (Bobby Jameson)

22 MAY 1966

One of the most visceral songs of 1966 was 'Vietnam' by Bobby Jameson. Driven by a searing Bo Diddley beat and harmonica, Jameson protests about his (imaginary) draft into the increasingly unpopular war. 'Senators the congress and the politician man, well they all got me in the mess I'm in/ Said I got a call from Uncle Sam, said 'send that boy to Vietnam.' This record did not chart.

The backing musicians here are the Leaves, a garage band known for their searing version of 'Hey Joe'.

Jameson had recorded a brilliant album called 'Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest' during the previous year under the name Chris Lucey, a situation that came about after the real Chris Lucey had recorded the album, which was then cancelled and then rerecorded with Jameson, using the name already on the printed album sleeves. Sadly, the album was not a success at the time but has gained much credibility over the years.