Sloop John B (Beach Boys)

27 MAY 1966

The Beach Boys’ single ‘Sloop John B’ was at its peak UK chart position of #2. It reached #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This song was taken from the recently-released album 'Pet Sounds'. It was based on The Kingston Trio's 1958 recording of 'The Wreck of the John B', which was itself based on a traditional Bahaman folk song (also known as 'John B. Sails'). Sloop John B was actually recorded in 1965 with the session musicians the Wrecking Crew, showing the level of time and care that writer Brian Wilson was now putting into his work.

Released: 21 March 1966
Recorded: 12 July - 29 December 1965
Highest chart position: #2 (UK), #3 (US)
Studio: United Western Recorders, Hollywood
Length: 2:59
Label: Capitol 5602
Writer: Traditional, arranged by Brian Wilson
Producer: Brian Wilson

Sloop John B (Beach Boys)