Shotgun Wedding (Roy 'C')

25 MAY 1966

Roy 'C's somewhat novelty single ‘Shotgun Wedding’ was at its peak UK chart position of #6 this week. It had previously reached #14 on the US Billboard R&B chart. It was also a hit again in the UK when re-released there in 1972, getting to #8 that time.

Roy's full name was Roy Charles Hammond, and he did not have too much success after this release, with probably his most notable record being the very funky anti-Nixon song 'Impeach the President' - with the Honeydrippers - in 1973. 

The sixties were of course a time when unmarried couples who got themselves pregnant were expected to marry quick pronto, the cliche being the bride's father angrily standing behind them with a shotgun in case the groom got cold feet.