Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)

26 MAY 1966

The Rolling Stones classic ‘Paint It Black' hit #1 on the UK charts, where it stayed for a week. This was the first number one hit single in the US and UK to feature a sitar. This was played by Brian Jones, whose interest in the instrument predated the Beatles' 'Norwegian Wood' (1965) by several years. By this time Jones - once the leader of the Stones - had more or less been relegated to a Harrison-like Number 3 in the band's pecking order and was exploring new sounds to compensate for his lack of songwriting opportunities. His influence would become very noticeable during the band's brilliant psychedelic phase over the next couple of years.

This was easily the most memorable Stones song of 1966, and has remained a constant presence in pop culture through its use in numerous movies and games, including being played over the end credits in the movies 'Full Metal Jacket' and 'The Devil's Advocate', and over the opening titles of the TV series 'Tour of Duty'.

The original single cover had a misprint comma ('Paint It, Black') which caused a bit of racial controversy at the time, but this was corrected on subsequent releases.

B-side: 'Long, Long While' (UK), 'Stupid Girl' (US)
Released: 6 May 1966 (US), 13 May 1966 (UK)
Highest chart position: #1 (UK and US)
Recorded, 8 March 1966, RCA Studios, Hollywood
Length: 3:45 (mono single mix), 3:22 (stereo album mix)
Label: Decca F.12395 (UK), London 45-LON.901 (US)
Writers: Nanker Phelge
Producer: Andrew Loog Oldham

Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)