Gloria (The Shadows of Knight)

13 MAY 1966

Suburban Chicago band the Shadows of Knight's version of the Garage Rock standard ‘Gloria’ was at its peak US Billboard Hot 100 position of #10 - a quite sizeable hit for the genre. The original had been written and recorded by Them, and used as the B-side for their 1964 single 'Baby, Please Don't Go', and soon became a staple of the Garage scene and covered by numerous bands.

This version was taken from the Knight's upcoming debut album 'Gloria' and was actually the most successful charting take on the song, partly because the Shadows of Knight changed the line 'She comes to my room' to 'She calls out my name'. Many US radio stations would not play the song with the original line.

The band had formed the year before, and this proved to be their biggest hit as they only cracked the Top 40 one more time.

Gloria (The Shadows of Knights)