There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground)

24 APRIL 1966

The influential Velvet Underground recorded much of their first album ‘Velvet Underground and Nico’ during April 1966, although it would not be released until March 1967. Despite later appraisal as a classic, the album initially flopped, reaching a peak of #171 in the US.

‘There She Goes Again' is one of the standout tracks from that album, and with lyrics about a woman falling into prostitution and 'being down her knees', it is a cultural marker of how times were changing in 1966.

This song was covered by bands such as the Crawdaddies and R.E.M. during the 1980s.

Released (as album track): 12 March 1967
Recorded: 25 April 1966 , Scepter Studios, Manhattan
Length: 2:41
Label: Verve
Writer: Lou Reed
Producer: Andy Warhol

There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground)