Rain (Beatles)

19 APRIL 1966

It was during this week that the Beatles recorded what was to become the B-side to 'Paperback Writer'. The song was 'Rain' and in the decades since it has been recognised as one of their great (but not often played on radio) B-sides. At a time when the Beatles released a series of double A-sides, this could have easily been part of another one.

'Rain' is an excellent bit of psych-rock, The slightly distorted guitars sound like the Byrds on 33rpm, and Ringo is given another chance to show off his considerable drumming skills. Lennon's lyrics were a quite abstract commentary on social norms.

The Beatles were in the midst of the recording sessions for 'Revolver' when they did this, and it seems incredible that such a landmark album could have been even better if they had put 'Rain' and 'Paperback Writer' on it.

Rain (Beatles)