Red Rubber Ball (The Cyrkle)

2 APRIL 1966

The Cyrkle released ‘Red Rubber Ball’ in the US. It peaked at #2 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, but did not chart in the UK, where it might not have been released. It was the biggest hit of the Cyrkle's short-lived chart career, even though they were managed by Brian Epstein, got their name from John Lennon, and toured with Beatles in 1966.

The song was written by Paul Simon while he was living in England, apparently for the Seekers, who included it on their 1966 album 'Come the Day'.

B-side: 'How Can I Leave Her'
Released: 4 April 1966
Length: 2:22
Label: Columbia
Producer: Doug Riley

 Red Rubber Ball (The Cyrkle)