Sha La La La Lee (Small Faces)

23 MARCH 1966

The Small Faces’ third single ‘Sha La La La Lee’ became their biggest hit yet when the bouncing bit of fuzz-guitar driven pop reached its peak UK chart position of #3 during this week.

The band never really liked this song as they preferred a less pop-orientated sound, and had always been viewed as a serious music group in the Mod scene. It was seen by some fans as the moment that they 'sold out', despite the often brilliant songs that the Small Faces released during the following years.

This was their first record to feature Ian McLagan on keyboards. A version of this song was apparently sung by Tottenham Hotspur FC supporters, in honour of then-Spurs’ player Alan Mullery (‘Mull-Mull-Mull-ery’).

B-side: 'Grow Your Own'
Released: 28 January 1966
Highest chart position: #3 (UK)
Recorded: December 1965, IBC Studios, London
Length: 2:56
Label: Decca (US Press Records)
Producer: Kenny Lynch