My Flash on You (Love)

7 MARCH 1966

The Los Angeles band Love released their self-titled debut album ‘Love’ during this month. It peaked at #57 on the US album charts. They sounded much like a grungier version of their fellow Los Angeles folk-rock band the Byrds.

The single released from this album was 'My Little Red Book', a Bacharach-David song that reached #52 on the US Billboard chart. The band never achieved great chart success, although their 1967 album 'Forever Changes' has since been recognised as one of the greatest in rock history.

The album track here is 'My Flash On You', which is one of a few from the record that I prefer to the single. Lots of chiming treble on the rhythm-driven riff, and a decent garage pop song which - like so many 'unknown' songs of this period - could have been a hit with a 'bigger' band or better production or marketing.

My Flash on You (Love)

'I don't want to be in your company
I don't need you to take care of me
Let me alone, let me alone, let me alone, can't you let me be
All I want in this world is to say I'm a man that's free

People talk about the way I look
I say come on and say it, I got enough to write a book
But don't they know, don't they know, don't they know it's a waste of breath'
Cause I don't want to be like them, all I want is to be myself
(Lemme hear you play it one time now)

Don't try to force your smuggled drugs my way
'Cause baby, I cleansed my soul and I say that's the way it's gonna stay
But you can put me down, all around, on the ground, anyway you choose
Get your kicks with your fix, but this time I know it's you who lose'