My Baby Loves Me (Martha & the Vandellas)

13 MARCH 1966

Martha & the Vandellas (as they were still called, not yet with the 'Reeves' addition) were on their way to a #22 hit for Motown on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with 'My Baby Loves Me'. It reached #3 on the R&B charts but did not chart in the UK.

This rather good slow-burner was basically a Martha Reeves solo, as it featured backing vocals by the Four Tops and the Andantes, but not the Vandellas. Even so, Martha rates this as her own favourite recording by the group.

B-side: 'Never Leave Your Baby's Side'
Recorded: Hitsville USA (Studio A), Detroit, Michigan; 23 August 1965
Released: 4 January 1966
Highest chart position: #22 (US)
Length: 3:06
Label: Gordy

'My baby loves me, oh yeah, my baby needs me, oh yeah
No other guy can whisper sweet things in my ear
My sweetie pie has the only sweet voice I hear, so clear

Sayin' needs me, oh yeah, my baby loves me, oh yeah
I'm tellin' you he needs me, oh yes, he does
Can't seem to see no other handsome face
There's just no cute substitute can take my baby's place

'Cause I know he needs me, oh yeah
I will never, ever give my baby no trouble
Whenever he calls me I come runnin' on the double

'Cause I know he loves me, oh yeah and he needs me, yes he does
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now nobody can tell me the place where I'm goin' wrong, oh no
Nobody could ever erase the love so strong

'Cause I know he loves me, he told me that he needs me
I know he loves me'