Lost Girl (The Troggs)

27 FEBRUARY 1966

The Troggs released their debut single ‘Lost Girl’ in February 1966. This one had many of the ingredients that would later make them a success, but it was a pretty weak song and the record failed to chart.

'Lost Girl' is heavy, pounding garage rock, with a rather muddy production mix and a rare Troggs guitar solo. This one might have flopped, but their next single was to be 'Wild Thing' and their career was about to take off big time.

Lost Girl (The Troggs)

'I've lost my girl,
I can't express
My grieve,
My sorrow,
My emptiness
I hope someday
That she'll hear my plea
And with opened arms
She will run to me

Yes, she will,
Ah, yes, she will now
Ah, yeh, babe

I thought I knew
Her every sound
Her smile,
Her tear,
Her ups and down
But I was wrong
As a fellow can be
Cos she's just turned round
And walked out on me

Yes, she has -
Ah, yes, she has been
Ah, yeah


The times we had,
The times we spent
The day we met
By accident
Was easy come,
Was easy go
It seems a pity
'cos I loved you so

Yes, I did,
Ah, yes, I did now
Ah, baby

I think someday
I'd take a chance
Go out and find
A new romance
Some other tune,
Some other gal
Someone who'll love me
Like I hope she will

Yes, she will,
I hope she will now
Ah, come here, baby'