Good Lovin' (The Young Rascals)

21 FEBRUARY 1966

The Young Rascals’ #1 hit ‘Good Lovin’ was released in the USA. It reached #1 on both the US and Canadian charts, but did not chart in the UK. This was the third version of this song, which had been taken to #81 on the Billboard charts by the Olympics during the previous year.

The Young Rascals (later to become just 'The Rascals') rewrote the lyrics considerably for their own version, which was their first big hit, and played it with a lot of exuberance and energy.

The song has gained longevity by being used in the soundtracks of numerous movies and TV shows, including the 'Big Chill' and 'Joe Versus the Volcano'.

B-side: 'Mustang Sally'
Released: 21 February 1966
Highest chart position: #1 (US)
Recorded: 1 February 1966
Length: 2:28
Label: Atlantic

Good Lovin’ (Young Rascals)