Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) (Cliff Richard and the Shadows)

25 JANUARY 1966

Cliff Richard and the Shadows' single ‘Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)’ was still in its nine-week run in the UK top 10 (having previously spent three weeks at #2).

They had over twenty Top-5 hits in the UK through this decade, despite making minimal changes to their style and sound since the late 1950s, especially on ballads like this. In 1966, some recording artists were intent on pushing the sonic envelope. Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention both recorded this year, and of course the Beatles would make 'Tomorrow Never Knows', which all sounded like it came from a completely different decade to Cliff's material, but there was clearly still a big market for clean-cut, old-fashioned, almost-nursery-rhyme pop like this.

Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) (Cliff Richard and the Shadows)

'I'm just a little tin soldier in your hands
I'm good for nothing but to obey your commands
You'll never really love me, I know
So wind me up, let me go

I'm just your plaything 'till you see someone else
And then you leave me alone on the shelf
But even tin soldiers have hearts don't you know
So wind me up, let me go

You don't really need me
You've a hundred other toys
And tear drops don't look good in the eyes of soldier boys

So pick me up and hold me one more time
That's just consolation for this heart of mine
Whisper a sweet word to the one who loves you
So then wind me up let me go
Then wind me up let me go
Let me go
Let me go'