Tears (Ken Dodd)

15 JANUARY 1966

In the 1960s, you were just as likely to find Ken Dodd or Val Doonican in the Top Ten as you were to find the Beatles or the Stones there. In fact, this song ‘Tears’ spent SEVENTEEN WEEKS in the Top Ten, five of them at #1, and it was the top-selling UK single of 1965. It seems incredible now, but this was also the third best-selling UK record of the entire 1960s. 

'Tears' sounded very much like a 1940s-style arrangement, which just goes to show that not only young people bought records. This was the kind of thing grandmothers around Britain would have listened to over a nice cup of tea.

Ken's career as a zany comedian and children’s TV entertainer continued long after he scored almost twenty Top-40 hits over 15 years.

B-side: 'You and I'
Released: August 1965
Highest chart position: #1 (UK)
Length: 2:52
Label: Columbia DB 7659
Writers: Billy Uhr, Frank Capano
Producer: Norman Newell

Tears (Ken Dodd)