Set You Free This Time (The Byrds)

10 JANUARY 1966

The ballad ‘Set You Free This Time’ - a country-tinged song from the Byrds’ album ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ - was released in the USA, where it only reached #79 on the charts. Some reviewers felt this song was perhaps a bit too slow and understated to ever be a big hit and that the up-tempo B-side ‘It Won’t Be Wrong’ was better, and so most radio stations started playing the other side instead of this and the single subsequently climbed to #63.

In the UK the record was initially released with 'Set You Free This Time’ as the A-side before being reissued two weeks later with 'It Won't Be Wrong' as the A-side, causing confusion at radio stations that contributed to the song not charting there.

‘Set You Free’ was written and gorgeously sung by the late great Gene Clark, who was at the time the Byrds' chief songwriter, baritone, and general tambourine man. He left the group in early 1966 because of internal squabbles and his chronic fear of flying. The Byrds were never quite as good without him. They still put out some excellent material, but 1965-'66 with Clark was their commercial and critical heyday.

Recorded: 16 September 1965, Columbia Studios, Hollywood
Released: 10 January 1966
Highest chart position: #63 (US)
Length: 2:49
Label: Columbia
Writer: Gene Clark
Producer: Terry Melcher

Set You Free This Time (The Byrds)