My Ship is Coming In (The Walker Brothers)

26 JANUARY 1966

The Walker Brothers’ fourth single (and follow up to their epic #1 'Make It Easy on Yourself') was 'My Ship is Coming In’, which reached its peak UK chart position of #3 this week. It only reached #63 in the US where, despite being an American band, they never enjoyed anywhere near the kind of success they had in the UK.

This song - one of my favourites of theirs - had previously been released in the US in 1965 by soul singer Jimmy Radcliffe but had only reached #163. The Walker Brothers were at their peak during this time, and they totally nail this song with great vocals and brilliant production.

As with most Walker Brothers' video clips, the drummer (Gary Leeds/Walker) with his tiny drum kit looks lost here beside the two singers miming to such a heavily orchestrated song. Then again, he didn’t even play much on their actual recordings.

B-side: 'You're All Around Me'
Recorded: 1965
Released: 26 November 1965 (UK), January 1966 (US)
Highest chart position: #3 (UK), #63 (US)
Length: 3:15 (mono), 2:56 (stereo)
Writer: Joey Brooks
Producer: Ivor Raymonde

My Ship is Coming In (The Walker Brothers)