It Won't Be Wrong (The Byrds)

24 JANUARY 1966

‘It Won’t Be Wrong’ was the B-side on the Byrds’ single ‘Set You Free This Time’, as mentioned in an earlier post. After the A-side song had peaked at #79 on the US charts, some radio stations started playing this more up-tempo B-side and the record climbed to #63. 

This was simply a case of releasing further tracks from an album to perk up sales of that album, and while this was a decent track it was never going to be big hit material. The Byrds had two #1 hits in 1965, but they would never breach the top ten again despite continuing to release quality material throughout the 1960s.

The video here is from 5 February 1966 and shows the Byrds looking great while miming ‘It Won’t Be Wrong’ on the very crowded set of the TV show ‘Hollywood A Go Go’ (they kick in around the 1:15 mark.

Recorded: 10, 14-16 September 1965, Columbia Studios, Hollywood
Released: 18 February 1966
Highest chart position: #63 (US)
Length: 1:58
Label: CBS
Writers: Jim McGuinn, Harvey Gerst
Producer: Terry Melcher

It Won’t Be Wrong (The Byrds)