Here it Comes Again (The Fortunes)

9 JANUARY 1966

Birmingham band The Fortunes' ‘Here it Comes Again’ was a sumptuous and superbly-produced piece of dramatic heartbreak pop, on its way out of the UK charts during this week. It had previously peaked at #4 (and #27 on the US Billboard chart).

This was just about the last of their short string of hits (in the 1960s at least), and is more Dusty Springfield than Rolling Stones, but this kind of dramatic, orchestrated guitar pop is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

True story: Their manager, Reginald Calvert, ran a pirate radio station, and in 1966 he was killed (in self defence) by the owner of a rival offshore radio station.

B-side: 'Things I Should Have Known'
Released: 10 September 1965
Highest chart positions: #4 (UK), #27 (US)
Length: 03:13
Label: Decca
Writers: Barry Mason, Les Reed
Producer: Noel Walker

Here it Comes Again (The Fortunes)