Five O'Clock World (The Vogues)

16 JANUARY 1966

Pennsylvanian vocal band The Vogues’ very splendid single ‘Five O’Clock World’ was at its peak position of #4 on the US Billboard charts during this week.

As far as I know, this was not a hit in the UK. If true, this shows how songs that are considered great now could sometimes fly under the radar on the international market.

The popularity of ‘Five O’Clock World’ has gained much-deserved longevity after being featured in movies such as ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, and on TV as the theme for the ‘Drew Carey Show’.

B-side: 'Nothing to Offer You'
Released: October 1965
Highest chart position: #4 (US)
Length: 2:19
Label: Co & Ce
Writer: Allen Reynolds
Producers: Nick Cenci / Tony Moon

Five O’Clock World (The Vogues)